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Longacre Digital Air Density Guage
Keep you motor running at its peak horsepower with this Digital Air Density Gauge from Longacre.

Air density or RAD (relative air density) is used as a valuable tuning tool to keep your jetting at its optimum. To use this gauge get a box of spark plugs and work on your jetting, reading the plugs as you go.

When you get the motor just where you want it, record the air density or set the baseline on the digital air density gauge. Later - this could be later today, tomorrow, next week or next month - if the air density changes - and it will - you will instantly know how much to rejet to keep that peak.

It includes an accurate electronic Air Density measurement with an easy-to-read digital display. It shows your baseline so you don't forget and also has a Red LED light that flashes to let you know if you need to change jets (air density changed by +/- 5%).

The product also displays current temp and barometric pressure with the push of a button. The foam lined silver carrying case is included.

Please Contact 1800 804 778 for more information.
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