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Fuel Cell Foam Bricks
Stops sloshing, great for holding down pumps, hoses or pickups. Can be cut down to fit.

Comes supplied as a block (as shown)

Size of cube is 6" x 4" x 16"

An important purpose or function of Fuel Cell foam is to stop a flame front from advancing, therefore helping to eliminate the possibility of an explosion.

When a racing car changes direction quickly, fuel foam helps reduce surge or fuel "slosh" inside the fuel cell, creating a baffling affect.

Upon receiving a sudden impact, the fuel foam inside the fuel cell helps dissipate and absorb a great amount of energy of the impact, thus reducing the risk of fuel cell rupture.

The fuel foam will expand upon contact with fuel. To properly function, the fuel cell should have no more than 75% of the area filled with fuel foam.
dimension 6 x 4 x 16 inch
RRP $ 20.00 
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