Lando Norris 2023 McLaren BELL MINI Helmet

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1:2 scale mini Lando Norris 2023 McLaren replica helmet. Lando’s 2023 helmet is here and you can get one just like it, only just a bit smaller!

Since 1997, Sports Mini Line an affiliated company of Bell Racing, have created high quality 1:2 scale mini helmets.

Bell’s 1:2 scale mini helmets – designed by the same team of engineers who create Bell’s racing helmets. They feature a high level of engineering excellence.

Using high technology components, the shell, interior and visor of Sports Mini Line helmets are made with similar materials to real Bell Racing helmets. There is also high-quality detail around the HANS device clips, adjustable visor and chin straps. These high-tech components, authentic materials and precise designs add up to accurately recreate the Lando Norris 2023 McLaren actual racing helmet, just on a smaller scale.

Manufactured by the experts at Bell, these mini replicas are a must for any F1 fan.

Team McLaren
Country United Kingdom
Podiums 13
Points 633
Grands Prix entered 104
World Championships N/A
Highest race finish 2 (x7)
Highest grid position 1
Date of birth 13/11/1999
Place of birth Bristol, England

2023 McLaren Formula 1 Driver — Lando Norris



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