HANS Device – Pro Ultralite

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HANS Device – Pro Ultralite

The HANS Pro Ultra Lite is FIA approved and made in the USA. The Pro Ultra Lite device applies aerospace grade carbon to achieve a 100+ gram weight saving when compared to the regular Pro Ultra. The Pro Ultra Lite saves on weight and allows for easy entry and exit from the race car, even smaller, tighter vehicles. The 100% carbon fiber construction features a hollow core for increased weight reduction without sacrificing strength and the sliding tethers offer exceptional visibility.

HANS Device – Pro Ultralite Features

  • Lightest HANS device on the market
  • FIA 8858-2010 homologated
  • Great Value
  • Supplied with sliding tethers
  • The most popular head & neck restraint in the world
  • All carbon pre-preg construction
  • Available as 20 degree
  • Sizes available Medium & Large


Manufactured from carbon fiber pre-preg, the HANS device is shaped like a “U”. The back of the “U” sits behind the neck and two arms lie flat over the pectoral muscles. The device is in general, supported by the shoulders. It attaches to the helmet, not to the belts, the driver’s body, or the seat. The helmet attaches to the device via an anchor on each side. With a correctly installed 5- or 6-point racing harness, the belts that cross the driver’s upper body pass directly over the HANS device and buckle at the center of the driver’s abdomen. Therefore, the HANS device is secured to the body of the driver, not the seat.

The purpose of the HANS device is to keep the head from whipping in a crash. This prevents excessive rotational movement as a secondary protection, without otherwise restricting movement of the neck. This will allow the wearer’s head to move normally but will prevent or restrict head movements during a crash that would exceed the normal articulation range of the musculoskeletal system.

In any kind of crash, the body is decelerated by the harness. The head will maintain its velocity until being decelerated by the neck. The HANS device maintains the relative position of the head to the body thereby transferring energy to the much stronger chest, torso, shoulder, seat belts, and seat as the head is decelerated.

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 38 × 31 × 9 cm


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