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Molecules’ highly effective sports equipment cleaner, specially designed to cleanse technical fabrics such as Nomex® in standard washing machines.

Say goodbye to fabric degradation and odor-causing bacteria with our powerful formula.

MOLECULE Wash Product Description.

  • Concentrated formula that efficiently cleans technical fabrics in standard washing machines.
  • Removes contaminants that can compromise fabric performance.
  • Offers a more cost-effective and safe alternative to dry cleaning methods.
  • Contains a fabric brightener to help you maintain a fresh and vibrant appearance.
  • Recommended for use on technical fabrics, including Nomex®.
  • Preserves fabric breathability, ensuring optimal performance.

Designed to maximize cleaning ability. Recommended for technical fabrics, including Nomex®

Concentrated formula effectively cleans performance apparel in standard washing machines.


  1. Pre spot any stains with MOLECULE Spot Cleaner
  2. Carefully turn racesuit inside out (sleeves, top and legs)
  3. Close all Velcro fasteners (collar, belt, zip) to prevent friction.
  4. Completely Close Zipper
  5. Cold Wash separately by Hand or Machine Wash at 30°C on gentle cycle using a cap full of MOLECULE WASH detergent.
  6. Do not wring or tumble dry.
  7. Flat or Drip Dry only, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  8. Wash immediately after use.
  9. Do not leave Garment wet or rolled up with other Garments.

Molecule products undergo thorough testing and analysis at Molecule’s research lab. Precise experiments in the controlled environment of the laboratory and exhaustive testing in the unforgiving setting of real-world racing conclusively demonstrate that Molecule simply performs. Our complete product has been developed with ultimate performance as the only solution.

Quantitative testing procedures, backed up by independent SFI testing, demonstrates Nomex® suits provide superior protection when treated with the Molecule Technical Fabric Care System.

Engineers at Molecule labs conducted tests on SFI Manufacturer-Certified two-layer Nomex® racing suits in side-by-side analysis to evaluate and compare the characteristics of untreated Nomex® fabric and Nomex® fabric treated with Molecule PROTECTOR. Test results reveal that Nomex® fabric that has been treated with Molecule PROTECTOR repels fuel and contaminants for better protection. In test after test, analysts observed that untreated Nomex® fabric was far more susceptible to dangerous saturation levels of fuel and contaminants, leading to measurably higher fabric burn rates and increased probability of injury to exposed skin.

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