Motorsport Australia/CAMS Spec Tow Hooks

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These Tow Hooks are ready to be fitted to any car with ease.
Only available in red so they are extremely visible for fast towing or extraction no matter where it is mounted.

Complies with Motorsport Australia / CAMS spec subject to actual mounting/installation. TECHNICAL APPENDIX   Schedule B

(r)    be fitted with a visible towing point (capable of accepting a 40mm OD cylindrical test object) fitted 
forward of the front axle and rearward of the rear axle and capable of towing the Automobile on a 
sealed surface with its wheels locked. Where a tow point is obscured, each tow point must be marked 
with the word “TOW” of a contrasting colour marking the location of each tow point. A road registered 
series production Automobile fitted with any unmodified original equipment tow point will be exempt 
from these requirements, save for the requirement to identify an obscured front and/or rear tow point;

TOW DECAL – Revolution Racegear

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