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Revolution Racegear’s Racelid brand brings you the Redline SA2020 model.

Racelid Redline SA2020 Ful-face –

– Budget priced Full-Face protection
– Snell SA2020
– M6 Thread built in for easy addition of HANS anchor posts
– Forehead air venting
– Rear venting
– Accessories available



What can I attach to my helmet?

Do not attach anything to your helmet except for approved head and neck restraints homologated by the FIA or SFI.

Any attachments such as Camera mounts can focus a blow in a small area restricting the helmet from performing to its designed and tested standard. Rigid attachments can cause twisting of your head or neck in an accident, which can cause serious injury or death.

Where do I find the Snell or FIA rating on my helmet?

The homologation label is located on the inner liner of the helmet in the back, under the fit pad. To confirm the rating, lift the fit pad to locate the label. Please note removing the label will void the homologation.

How long is a helmet “good” for, and what if it is involved in an accident?

It is highly recommended to replace a motorsport helmet between five and ten years depending on the amount of use and its overall condition. If a helmet has been involved in an accident, it should be inspected carefully and replaced if there are any signs of shell delamination or cracking or liner compression. If the driver loses consciousness in an accident the helmet should be replaced immediately.

Individual Motorsport sanctioning bodies will list approved standards. Always refer to the Sanctioning body regulations for the events you compete in to be sure your helmet is still compliant for the level of event you compete in.

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 37 × 29 × 31 cm

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