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RPM / SPORTLINE – Comfort 350mm Suede Black 3 spoke STEERING WHEEL

This Sportline 350mm Comfort steering wheel is a fantastic addition to your race or classic road car. Sport Line Comfort steering wheel brings a pleasant touch to your cockpit and provides great grip while steering.

It features a classic style and smooth & simple design with a suede finish.

Made in Italy

Compatible with hubs that support a 6 bolt pattern with 70mm PCD

RACETECH QUICK RELEASE HUB – Group N Bolt On Coupling – Revolution Racegear

The company was founded in 1955 as a mechanical outfit manufacturer, and in 1963, it began working in the steering wheel line on behalf of a third party, collaborating with car manufacturers and other companies in the field. Meanwhile, the company’s expertise in steering wheel processing continues to grow.

Since 1982, the company has been developing its own steering wheel line, introducing the new trademark Sport Line to the market.

Soon, the manufacturing know-how, the most recent design, and the exclusive use of first-rate materials enable Sport Line to meet with acclaim in the national and international markets.

The company has broad and consolidated experience in metal shearing, injection, bending, and welding, and has been designing and building molds and molding plastic parts for third parties since 2004.

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