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A window net is designed to protect the Driver from having any body part protrude through the window opening in the event of an incident.

RPM’s Black 18″ x 24” webbing style Coupe window net with adjustable side intrusion bar straps provides for ease of fitment to cars with a full roll cage.

Ideal for cars with large drivers window opening like Excel, RX7, BMW 3 series to ensure compliance with covering to the steering wheel centre line.

The Coupe Window Net measures –

  • 59cm across the top edge,
  • 45cm along the angled edge,
  • 42cm down the “back” edge,
  • 73cm along the bottom edge.


Recommended installation Method;

Window Net Top Rod Only Mounting Kit – Revolution Racegear


Technical Appendix (motorsport.org.au)

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Dimensions 28 × 22 × 5 cm