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The Schroth Clubman ASM Saloon is a 4 point FIA rated clip in harness.

The shoulder straps are 3″ wide with 2″ wide lap straps. The buckle is Schroth’s patented RFR lightweight quick release design.

The harness comes with snap ends and Schroth’s anti-submarining technology which is aimed at reducing the chances of sliding under the belts in a frontal impact.

The SCHROTH Clubman with asm system offers a unique safety advantage for 4-point harnesses. asm is the acronym for anti-submarining. The risk to submarine (sliding underneath the lap belt), a well-known phenomenon during frontal impacts, is significantly reduced by the asm safety system.

The energy converter is located on one shoulder belt.

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  • 1946 – SCHROTH is founded.

In 1946 the company SCHROTH was started by Hildegard Schroth (a skilled seamstress) and engineer husband Carl F Schroth. They had multiple textile contracts with the military government and their protective motorcycle clothing was very successful. Their business starts to grow and in 1953 it moves to its own premises.

  • 1954 – SCHROTH develops the first automobile seat belt in Germany

Carl F. Schroth, an enthusiastic rally driver, identifies the need for a harness belt in motorsports and “tailors” a seat belt for his co-pilot made from roller blinds and coat buckles. In 1956 Schroth formulates a “Recommendation for increasing the safety of vehicle passengers” to the Ministry of Transport, presenting an analysis of the importance of safety.

  • 1997 – SCHROTH enters Formula One.

SCHROTH have since then, delivered harnesses and FHR devices to F1 and other top racing categories worldwide. Today, SCHROTH continues to be a market leader in racing safety and active in the evolution of safety standards.

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