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Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859 certified

The ST5 is the new generation of closed faced helmets from Stilo. The ST5 GT Offshore is designed for Offshore Boat Racing but ready for GT cars.

Redesigned shell that optimizes shell size, airflow, visibility, and weight

Eyeport on all ST5 helmets is taller than the previous ST4 and has a special visor to accommodate the larger opening

Much larger visor than previous models and opens past the line of sight

3mm clear visor for the absolute best in protection – other shields available separately

Use of ear bud style earphones with an optional adapter

Integrated electronics jack is positioned far enough away from the HANS post anchor in order to make the use of the jack trouble free even when the HANS is worn

Wiring is all positioned safely and conveniently behind the padding so as to be transparent to the user

Standard ear cushions

Earmuffs provide a significantly quieter environment for the driver by aurally isolating the ear.

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